Grief and Loss

* Grief * Loss * Separation

I have experience more than my fair share of grief in my life through the death of my first born son Lee in 1986, the loss of my health and physical abilities after a car accident in 1997, when I sustain a brain injury. Loss and separation from my family when I was a little girl, divorce, infidelity and much more… if that at all seem possible. 

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“The Mist of Grief” a poem I wrote in 2002. My journey through deep grief to a feeling of freedom and hope.

 This is a 23 minute video investigating the journey to heal and let go of the fear, the negative experience of life, death and grief.

“The Mist of Grief”

The mist traveled through the valley…. such an eerie fog

The illusions of my past haunted the presence of my mind

Saddened by the heartache, lost in the tears

Rain came pouring down in buckets on the plains

And I just laid there naked, drenched in grief and fear…..


The mist traveled through the mountains

Trapped in the cavities, rough and smooth

Lingering moldy dampness in every groove

Grave and dim darkness – Lost, I cannot see light

For green and slimy moss, trapped in the hollow,

stuck on my frown

Nothing but coldness, damp and soggy ground….


The mist traveled through my existence into the sinking past

Seeping into the moment of the reflections… of shiny glass

The mirror of my memories shocked my opened mind

I couldn’t see any happiness or laughter in the find

But the mist grew deeper and stronger in its form

Chasing all the ingredients of a future, ripped, tatted and torn…

The mist seemed stuck and motionless, still and thick and raw

Choked by the heavy flavor of death knocking at my door

I screamed for help but no one heard… no one ever saw

my need for help, my cry for love, my gifts within my core…

Grant me strength and set me free, never ever let me be

a victim of the shadow lost, my life, the worship and hidden cost,

Of life so precious real, and whole… to be unworthy…

A worthless soul!

I, the fragment of the stars and moon 

I light the day and foggy gloom

A gift from heaven and silvery light

A life to live and not in fright

I grant this gift to me who loves

I grant this gift from heaven above

To embrace the sadness and empty past

 with new and found images of mirrored glass…

The mist, it lingered now and then,

but somehow vanished in an empty den

Winter swallowed the hollow cold and

filled the earth with magic gold

Summer filled the empty morn, no more grief to open dawn

Fear, it left my swollen heart,

grew wings to fly through any dark

I, the vision and I, the light, captured freedom….

I grasp the hold

I hang on tight and take the flight of eagle wings,

large and bold

Spare the moment lost in time 

For I am free …….. A gifted find………

(c) 2002 2013 by Deborah Berry